What are SARMs?

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What comes to mind when one listens to performance drugs? The first image that connects in the hemispheres of our brain is athlete and steroids. Many consider steroids as a supplement to build body and enhance performance in any sport. 101sarms are the brand new addition to the performance-enhancing drugs family. You know what are sarms? It is a new class of compounds that have entered the fitness industry. To know more facts related to sarms visit 101sarms website.

SARMs – assistance on your way to your body fitness

SARMs are an abbreviation for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The chemical compound was limited to research purposes but now it is showing a promising future in the industry. They prove to be better alternatives to anabolic steroids with minimal side effects.

The drugs are used for promoting fitness in a body. It curtails extra fat from the body and promotes muscle growth. Unlike the anabolic steroids, it has a better capability to bring a change in body composition. The SARMs only focuses on the muscles and fats. And thus, they act on the hormones in a targeted way. Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body that transmit the communication to cells. The endocrine system is responsible for secretion of these hormones. The hormones reach their target cells and the commands are carried out. So, SARMs act on the hormones is a specific way to regulate the activity of the cells on which the hormones are acting. For example, hormones responsible for fat loss command the cell to convert glucose to glucagon which is stored in the liver. Introduction of SARMs enhances the hormones for this conversion and later on the glucagon is again converted to glucose which is used by muscles and thus shapes them.

SARMs vs. Steroids

On the other hand, steroids not only act on the hormones but also interact with other vital organs of the body. So consumption of steroids increases testosterone and affects the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. But SARMs appear to build muscles and fat loss only without interfering with other body organs.

So SARMs are a better option than steroids for muscle development but they haven’t yet been approved for medical purpose and hence one may not find them in pharmacies very easily. Moreover, SARMs are also listed banned by World’s Anti Doping Agency. So it is advisable for athletes to not take these. But a person who wants to experiment with the self-body to see how these drugs work can try them out. They will be able to trace the physical change and change in performance and physique. 

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